Got tired eyes?

More and more adults are likely to face eye strain and fatigue with the continued increase of digital devices. It is estimated that computer-related eye fatigue is responsible for upwards of 10M visits to the eye doctor. From gamers to working professionals, everyone can benefit from EYEMUSE™, a clinically-researched postbiotic to support eye health.*

For Gaming

For Gamers

Gamers are spending 14 hrs a week playing video games, up from 12 hrs a week in 2018. With increasing numbers of individuals playing games, EYEMUSE™ is the perfect ingredient to help gamers continue their relentless pursuit of leveling up. EYEMUSE™ may help gamers:

  • Support eye health*
  • Promote healthy eye function*
  • In vitro studies suggest EYEMUSE™ may help filter blue light*

For MultitaskersFor Multitaskers

It seems like nowadays all of us are wearing multiple hats. From teaching to working, we are running from one video conference to another. We’re becoming more reliant on technology to help us stay on task. With 50% of the day in front of digital devices, EYEMUSE™ may help multitaskers:

  • Reduce tired eyes*
  • Reduce eye fatigue caused by digital stress*
  • Reduce stiffness of the waist/shoulders associated with eye fatigue*

Gut and Immunity healthFor Young Professionals

To stay ahead in the ever-increasing competitive world, it requires constant improvement to your craft. From virtual learning to digital conferences, today’s young professionals are always on. EYEMUSE™ may help young professionals:

  • Reduce eye fatigue*
  • Help filter blue light (suggested by in vitro studies)*
  • Suppress cellular markers associated with eye fatigue*

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